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According to the explanatory dictionary of Uebster, the industry of hospitality – this sphere of business consisting of such types of service which rely on the principles of hospitality which are characterized by generosity and friendliness in relation to guests. Therefore, the industry of hospitality can be considered as a variety of forms of business specializing in the market of services connected with reception and service of guests.

As planning of activity of the enterprise it is understood systematic, it is information the processed process of high-quality, quantitative and temporary definition of future purposes, means and methods of formation and management of development of the enterprise in the course of planning of making decisions on what have to be the purposes of the organization and that her members have to do to achieve these objectives.

1 For streamlining and simplification of document flow small hotels, motels, boarding houses have to use in the practical activities the Instruction "About an order of conducting document flow when providing hotel services and forms of forms of documents of primary account".

Operational management – covers two kinds of activity: the organization as a way of creation of necessary structure (both necessary a resource and the management (impact on direct performers in created structures.

All electric, gas, ventilating, water, sewer equipment has to be installed and be operated according to Rules of technical operation of hotels and their equipment.

Carrying out interpersonal roles, the manager is rather prepared for performance of the role connected with decision-making which is capable to have direct impact on the course of production and achievement of the objectives of the organization.

The reformed system of managing as it developed in our country, has prerequisites for transition to model of the market which is socially regulated by the state which construction is connected with increase of level of integrity of mechanisms of management, with use of all administrative methods.

Architectural and planning and construction elements of small hotel, motel, boarding house, the used technical equipment have to provide profitability of operation, and planning and external improvement have to provide reception and service of tourists, including disabled people.

Management covers activity of the industrial enterprises which act in a market mechanism as independent economic subjects. One of the main tasks of management is definition of the purposes of activity of the organization.

are based on its powers in the organization and promote that to the manager multiple information is flown down, possessing which he on the one hand, can act in information role, and with another – as the center of information processing.

Management – obligatory management of economic activity. He acts as an independent type of professional activity. Economic activity, the enterprise in general or its concrete sphere acts as object of management.

The organization as function of management creates working structure, the main component as which people act. Process of the organization structures and forms divisions proceeding from the size of the enterprise, than it is more whole. Technology and the personnel, an essential number of elements which needs to be structured in order that the organization could implement the plans and by that, to achieve the objectives.