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The largest cities of Croatia — Zagreb, Split, Rijeka. Their architecture is very various. Building of the trade cities of Dalmatia (Split, Zadar it developed under the influence of Romance style, many cities of northern Croatia kept Gothic shape. Construction of numerous Croatian locks and fortresses (Varazhdin, Karlovac) belong to the XV-XVIII centuries. World famous resorts are concentrated on the coast and the islands of Croatia. The largest of them — Dubrovnik and Opatiya. Some reasons why it is necessary to have a rest in Croatia.

The Croatian Adriatic coast - one of the cut most up in the world. It totals 1185 islands and islands with the general extent of coastline of 4058 kilometers. Length of the coast of the mainland on a conditional straight line - 600 kilometers, and considering its izrezannost - 1778 kilometers.

The Hungarian-Croatian union (Pacta Conventa) struck a mortal blow to the Croatian breeding system. In Croatia forestry and mining started developing, in a number of areas the trekhpolny system of agriculture, a coin was entered as furs and skins began to force out a means of exchanging, favorable opportunities for development of foreign trade were created.

The biggest lake of Croatia - Vransko (30, 7 square kilosubway are about Biograd. Plitvice Lakes (a chain of 16 lakes with the river Koran are most attractive; Red and Blue lakes about Imotski,

the fresh-water lake on the island of Cres and Vizovachsko and Proklyansko's lake. Artificial lakes - Lokva and Bayer in Mountain Kotare, Trakoshchan in the Croatian Zagorye and peruyets on Tsetin's river and Dalmatia are well-known. Kopachevo's lake and boggy places round it - habitat of birds in the largest ornithological reserve of Europe - Kopachki - Rit.

Danube (188 kilosubway and its inflows Sava (the 562nd kilometer and Drava (505 kilosubway proceed in the depth of the country and flow into the Black Sea. Not numerous rivers bearing the waters to the Adriatic Sea on narrow gorges have strong height differences on all the extent, forming a large number of falls.

The area of the country - 56538 square kilometers. The Republic of Croatia is located in the Central Europe, borders in the north - on Slovenia, in the east - on Hungary and Serbia, in the southeast - on Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the south - on Montenegro. From the West the country is washed by the Adriatic Sea.