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"Seasons of the business owner can pass, but they will surely lead to losses. In case you have to suit seasons of singers and so on, it will be simply led to commercial crash, of course, if you not by the multimillionaire. But modern history the fact of existence of the multimillionaire who is really interested in an investment in music is not known".

But even Dyagilev could not avoid those changes which happened in the market of art. Together with the troupe, the market also changed priorities and the hierarchical statuses and estimates of an artwork, transforming together the artist and his work to a certain general structure which was encouraged with money. Due to these changes in troupe other wounds of dancers which replaced existing were formed absolutely, having changed desire to become higher at a hierarchical step, on to earn more. So the desire to receive as much as possible money became the main change in ballet life of the beginning of the twentieth century. Thereby the increased competition of dancers literally disorganized the creative atmosphere on which unity of collective was based.