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Dismantling of the grenade launcher can be and full: the incomplete — for cleaning, greasing and survey of the grenade launcher; the full — for cleaning at strong pollution of the grenade launcher, after stay him in the rain or snow, lodge decontaminations and deactivations of the grenade launcher, at statement of the grenade launcher on long, when replacing parts, when receiving from a, for survey in unassembled form. Excessively frequent dismantling of the grenade launcher is harmful as accelerates wear of parts and mechanisms. It is forbidden to make the dismantling of parts and mechanisms of the grenade launcher which is not provided by the real in division.

Are included in the package of the grenade launcher: rub for shots with nine tapes on 10 links everyone, a cover for carrying of a body of the grenade launcher, two straps for carrying of a, a set of spare parts, the tool and accessory and ­. Besides, on six grenade launchers one tube of a cold is provided.