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he can resort to services of the leasing company in cases, after purchase of the equipment when became obvious that derivation of considerable funds from a turn for purchase of this equipment brought or can lead to deterioration of its financial position;

Classical financial leasing is characterized by tripartite nature of relationship and compensation of an overall cost of property. According to the demand of the lessee the lessor acquires the necessary equipment at the supplier and leases it to the lessee, compensating the financial expenses and getting profit through leasing payments.

1 Foreign firms - suppliers of the equipment, vehicles and technologies, generally heavy-load cars though recently this tendency gradually extends and on producers multiplying, office equipments, in certain cases, of the printing equipment. They use leasing as the instrument of sale of the production. They were compelled to create the leasing companies in connection with gradual saturation of the market and the increased competition. Typical examples of such companies are: XEROX, IVECO, SCANIA, DAF.